Volunteers Lisa Schäder and Jan Behrens (Germany)

Lisa Schäder and Jan Behrens (Germany)

13:13 | 11.07.2016

We volunteered at Community Building Mitrovica (CBM) as participants of the German youth programme “ASA” from September till December 2013. The internship allowed us to gain insights about the work of a local multi-ethnic grassroots organization, to participate in various activities and, last but not least, to meet a lot of people and experience life in Kosovo.

Volunteers Master thesis about CBM

Master thesis about CBM

13:12 | 11.07.2016

In 2011 CBMitrovica was visited by Thomas Baar and Just Baer, two Dutch Master Students conducting research on the history and work of Community Building Mitrovica. They are in the process of finalising their Master thesis, and have been so kind to send the CBM the abstract of the thesis.

Volunteers Kathrin Lammermann and Gerlinde Müller (Germany)

Kathrin Lammermann and Gerlinde Müller (Germany)

13:11 | 11.07.2016

We had the chance to volunteer full-time with CBM, M-Magazine and m-i2 for three months in summer 2011 (July-September). Our stay was funded by the German youth program ASA and the German “Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (giz)”.

Volunteers Anne Kauhanen (Finland)

Anne Kauhanen (Finland)

13:11 | 11.07.2016

I started my eight weeks long internship at CBM in June 2011. I had heard about the work of CBM while I was doing an internship at another local organization in Mitrovica in spring 2010. Actually I think that you cannot visit Mitrovica, especially the NGO circles, without hearing about the work of CBM. The fact that ethnically mixed staff is working together across community lines for a better and joint Mitrovica, caught especially my attention.

Volunteers Just Bär and Thomas Baar (Netherlands)

Just Bär and Thomas Baar (Netherlands)

13:10 | 11.07.2016

During the period of March-April 2011, Thomas Baar and Just Bär conducted a research on the work of Community Building Mitrovica. Our aim was to learn about the apparent success of this organization in such a turbulent environment as Mitrovica. We had read about the situation in the city, but to actually live there for a while was a whole different experience. We were received with an unmatched hospitality, and during our stay the helpfulness of the people at CBM was inexhaustible.