CBM fulfils an important and busy role amidst the NGO community. Not all NGOs have facilities or capacity to meet their needs. CBM seeks to facilitate the strengthening of the capacity of civil society actors, such as NGOs, and help provide them with the means to realize their project goals and objectives. Some of the services* we can provide include:




CBM has a conference room available which can host up to 25 people. The conference room needs to be booked well in advance in order to guarantee its availability during the time you require it. There are possibilities for a beamer and screen, as well as other materials such as a flap-over or TV with video connection, depending on your needs. 



CBM considers itself fortunate to have the capacity for the following translations on request:

Albanian – Serbian (both ways)
Albanian – English (both ways)
Serbian – English (both ways)


*Please bear in mind that a small fee might be required to make use of these services. For more information you can contact us via e-mail at