14:58 01.12.2016 | Reports

Report on the assessment of competency gaps on women start-up businesses in North and South Mitrovicë/a

This report, commissioned by Community Building Mitrovica (CBM), provides an assessment of competency gaps of women start-up businesses in North and South Mitrovicë/a. The assessment focused on identifying gaps between women start-ups overall capacities, skills and knowledge that are required for the successful management of the business. Additionally, market conditions and supporting instruments for SME development in the country were considered.

The project “Supportive business environment for women start-ups in North and South Mitrovicë/a” aims to support entrepreneurship among women coming from all ethnic communities living in Mitrovica North and South. The project is funded by the EU Office in Kosovo and co-financed by Municipality of Mitrovicë/a and MOTT Foundation.