14:33 16.01.2017 | Reports

Policy paper - Promoting youth employment through social partnership and cooperation in local communities

This policy paper is the result of two-year project called "Promoting Youth Employment through Social Partnership and Cooperation In Local Communities", which gathered up to 200 participants from the public, private and civil society sector  from six cities and municipalities of the territory of Kosovo and Serbia: Nis, Leskovac, Vranje, Prizren, Pec and Mitrovica.

Sustainable employment is the result of all the policies that are adopted and implemented. When these fail, as consequence major social problems surface, as this is signal that something is not being conducted rights. The problem of youth unemployment is part of much bigger unemployment scale in Kosovo and Serbia. This policy paper presents an overview of the topic from the perspective of local partnerships, resources and creation of sustainable jobs.


Policy Paper (Alb)

Policy Paper (Srb)