14:32 23.02.2017 | Multimedia

10th Anniversary of CBM, the launching of M-magazine and Mi2

Community Building Mitrovica(CBM) organized the promotion of the M-Magazine and the youth web portal MI2. At the same time this promotion served as well to the 10th anniversary of the working existence of CBM. 

M-Magazine is the one and the only magazine in the region that is published in the three languages (Albanian, Serbian and English language), that brings information on the political reality, social, cultural, as well on the different fields for the society and the Mitrovica’s citizens. M-Magazine is one of the three components of the biggest project that’s CBM currently implementing, Bridging the Divide (BtD), funded by the Ministry of foreign affairs from the Nederlands.   

Mi2 is a youth portal, part of M-magazine, which aims at joining the youth from the Albanian and Serbian communities, with the trainings provided by professionals in the field of journalism and photography.

We are proud that we celebrate 10 years of CBM’s establishment   and its active life in the city of Mitrovica, one decade of contribution of CBM,   and its ongoing  new ideas and new projects.

The ceremony was organized in front of the CBM’s office, and it was opened with the welcoming speech of Ms. Aferdita Syla, Executive Director, followed by the speech of Ms . Valdete Idrizi, whose  name is connected with CBM since the beginning of this organization.
There were around 100 people that joined the celebration such as partners, donors and friends , and  Mitrovica citizens, therefore a special thanks goes to  all of them for their support and encouragement  to this event. With a special gratitude we mention the Nederland’s Embassy, IKV Pax Christi, which has supported always since the beginning, as well a special thank to the French’s Embassy especially Mr. Ambassador Jean Francois Fitou for his presence and the moral and financial support in organizing this event.