10:20 03.11.2008 | CBM Team

CBM focus area: Minorities

Before the war, Mitrovica was home to the 2nd largest RAE settlement in the former Yugoslavia. Shortly after the war it was completely destroyed, leading to en-mass exodus of the RAE community, many of hich today continue to live in the temporary IDP camps Cesmin Lug and Osterode in north Mitrovica. For this population group, CBM focuses on sustainable income generation projects, capacity building, cultural ctivities, and returns.

10:15 03.11.2008 | CBM Team

CBM focus area: Linking

A lack of contact between the different cultures and ethnicities within Kosovo, but also in the wider Balkan region, can lead to a lack of knowledge and understanding. Particularly in Mitrovica it is difficult for people of different ethnic groups to meet and engage with each other. CBM’s linking projects aim at bringing people of various ethnic backgrounds together to facilitate contact, understanding, cooperation and friendship among them. These activities are, though not exclusively, focused on youths and children, who are the basis of the future Kosovan society.

10:05 03.11.2008 | CBM Team

CBM focus area: Culture

Before the war, Mitrovica enjoyed a reputation as a city of culture; music, theatre and art were part of the heart of the city. Various famous artists, singers and bands had Mitrovica as their breeding ground. CBM aims to contribute to rebuilding Mitrovica’s cultural life through various projects, activities and festivals. Particularly, music is a universal language which we hope will bring young people from all ethnicities together. After several years of hard work, we are proud to announce that the Mitrovica Rock School has finally opened its doors; talented young musicians and bands from north and south Mitrovica take their musical education to a higher level and play their music together from Mitrovica to Skopje (and beyond).

13:52 14.10.2008 | CBM Team

RAE Carpet Weaving Project

As part of sustainable income generating projects, 10 RAE girls were trained in one of their traditional skills: carpet weaving. These girls and young women will be enabled to earn a living through the skills learnt during this course. The current project is a follow-up course for a group of RAE girls from north Mitrovica region who successfully completed an earlier carpet weaving training course with CBM.

09:48 25.08.2008 | CBM Team

Skopje Summer School 2008

As kick-off for the Mitrovica Rock School, 19 youths from Mitrovica spend ten rocking days in Skopje, Macedonia. The summer school was organised in partnership with Musicians Without Borders, and the Fontys Rock Academy Tilburg. It provided structured rock music education, band coaching, performance and instrument training to talented young rock musicians from Mitrovica.