14:55 12.07.2016 | CBM Team

“Map Mitrovica!” – a review

On November 21, 22 and 29 the CBM project “Map Mitrovica!”, organized by two CBM interns, Jan Behrens and Lisa Schäder, took place. The project’s overall aim was to bring people from Mitrovica together to work collaboratively on an improved city map and to make them familiar with the online mapping project “OpenStreetMap” (OSM).

14:51 12.07.2016 | CBM Team

Open call: Map Mitrovica!

City maps are useful tools for locals and visitors to locate facilities, shops, addresses, and many more things. Mitrovica however is still lacking a detailed and up-to-date map. YOU can help create a map of the city that is complete and rich in detail! The online mapping project OpenStreetMap is a simple and fun way of adding information to the map and sharing it freely with the world. Our aim is to make a map of Mitrovica that is as complete as possible and to publish it on the web.

14:21 12.07.2016 | CBM Team

10th Anniversary of CBM, the launching of M-magazine and Mi2

Community Building Mitrovica(CBM) organized the promotion of the M-Magazine and the youth web portal MI2. At the same time this promotion served as well to the 10th anniversary of the working existence of CBM. 

10:33 03.11.2008 | CBM Team

CBM Focus Area: Youth

Kosovo has a very young population; the majority of its citizens is between the ages of 15-24 years old. This signifies the importance of youth in Kosovan society; not only do they hold the future, they also hold today. CBM is very active in the field of youth activities, aiming to create a strong basis for today’s youths to become actively engaged citizens, particularly so by putting an emphasis on civil society activities and peace building. Our projects bring youths of different ethnicities together to create understanding and friendships, train youths in various skills ranging from advocacy to employable skills, educate and inform youths in creative ways about important issues such as health and human rights, and stimulate engagement with society and culture in Mitrovica. Furthermore, we support initiatives from Mitrovica youths  hemselves.