13:33 15.07.2016 | CBM Team

Community Building Mitrovica and NGO ‘’D&G Solutions’’ organize training on Business Plan writing

Community Building Mitrovica and NGO ‘’D&G Solutions’’ today started with the second phase of the Business Plan writing training, as part of 5 training modules that will be conducted in the framework of the project Business Accelerator Facility of Northern part of Kosovo. The activity is taking place in the BAF premises while the participants for this set of trainings are non – majority community living in Mitrovica North. Other activities within this project include: assessment of Northern Municipalities of Kosovo economic situation, sub-granting and promotional campaign for start-up businesses derivate of this project, etc.

13:20 15.07.2016 | CBM Team

Tender Announcement: Relaunching Women Mentors Platform

Provision of mentoring services within the project “Supportive business environment for women start-ups in North and South Mitrovicë/a” (Publication Reference: EURED/29/09/15-SER-12-RE).

13:14 15.07.2016 | CBM Team

Press Release: Sensitization meeting with women start-up participants

Community Building Mitrovica organized sensitization meeting with the participants of the project “Supportive business environment for women start-ups in North and South Mitrovicë/a”. This sensitization meeting was held in Regional Development Agency North premises, and around 70 women from both North and South Mitrovica participated.

14:22 14.07.2016 | CBM Team

Tender announcement: Provision of Training Services

Provision of training services within the project “Supportive business environment for women start-ups in North and South Mitrovicë/a” (Publication Reference: EURED/25/08/15-SER-11).

13:09 13.07.2016 | CBM Team

Balkan Breast Cancer Initiative (BBCI)

Breast cancer is one of the many problems that targets women throughout the world including Kosovan women. In 2008, with the initiative of the U.S. Embassy in Prishtina, the Balkan Breast Cancer Initiative (BBCI) was established and supported by civil society organisations, Kosovo institutions and famous doctors. The aim of BBCI is to increase the awareness of citizens with regards to this illness in order to save people’s lives (Early detection = Survival). Community Building Mitrovica (CBM) is an active member of BBCI.

14:33 12.07.2016 | CBM Team

Women entrepreneurs as a catalyst for change - women bridging the divide

For the first time in Mitrovica one-day conference was held on the topic: "Women entrepreneurs as a catalyst for change -women bridging the divide", organized by the NGO Community Building Mitrovica (CBM) in collaboration with the Association of Women for Human Rights in Mitrovica, supported by UNDP. Attendees of the conference, besides successful women in entrepreneurship, were also representatives of non-governmental organizations, international institutions such as the EU, UNDP, etc., embassies, women who are active in business, civic activists, etc.

10:48 03.11.2008 | CBM Team

CBM focus area: Women

CBM aims to involve gender sensitivity in all of its projects, and has a special focus area for projects concentrating on women. Particularly in Mitrovica, the challenges faced by women in a conflict situation make the emphasis on gender planning in our projects more urgent. CBM works with women of all communities in Mitrovica, especially via its multi-ethnic women centre Miner Hill, and through these women also reaches children and men of the different communities. We focus mainly on community- and confidence building, but we are also informing about gender violence, organise psychosocial activities, trainings, workshops and seminars, health education, and various excursions to cultural sites across Kosovo.