17:04 08.11.2016 | CBM Team


Community Building Mitrovica held its annual Assembly meeting. CBM’s executive director Mrs. Aferdita Sylaj Shehu reported to the Assembly for  the work and projects implemented by Community Building Mitrovica during 2016, and for the upcoming plans for 2017. In the meeting was discussed for the results, as well as priorities of the organization for the future. The members of the Assembly reviewed the report presented to them, and contributed with various suggestions for the CBM’s development in the future.

16:57 08.11.2016 | CBM Team


Community Building Mitrovica organized capacity-building training for its staff on written and verbal skills in order to enhance the organization’s skillset and empower employees to reach their full potential. The training was focused on the process of working with the media and was held by experienced trainers, designed to increase visibility and ensure greater impact of the CBM’s work.

20:22 14.10.2016 | CBM Team

Norway’s Ambassador in Kosovo visits civil society in Mitrovica

Norway’s Ambassador to Kosovo Mr. Strand Sjaastad visited CBM and met with representatives of civil society in Mitrovica. In this occasion the ambassador showed his interest in knowing more about the projects and the work of civil society, and in general about the situation in Mitrovica.

15:18 14.10.2016 | CBM Team


CBM invites you to watch the volleyball game between the women's volleyball club “Trepça” and "A.Drita" from Gjilan.

15:00 20.09.2016 | CBM Team

CBM held its strategic planning

For two days Community Building Mitrovica has been planning its strategy for the period up to 2020.

14:49 19.09.2016 | CBM Team

CBM Celebrates its 15 Year Anniversary

Community Building Mitrovica has reached a milestone this year, celebrating 15 years of its existence. On Thursday (15.09.2016) CBM hosted a memorable event with its employees, partners, donors and friends to celebrate this achievement. Throughout its history and growth CBM shaped the surrounding community, implemented projects which have had a positive and lasting impact on the lives of Mitrovica citizens and bridged the divide.

14:54 09.09.2012 | CBM team

Welcome to the CBM website!

Here you will find general information about us, our organization, our work, our projects and partners, and many other things. CBM this year has entered the second decade. We are able to look back at the past decade with satisfaction. Every year is being more dynamic, with a lot of landmark achievements as well as a variety of challenges.