14:16 15.07.2016 | CBM Team

CBM donates 5 computers for 4 NGOs in Mitrovica

Considering the needs of CSO in Mitrovica for equipments that enable the work and increase their flexibility, Community Building Mitrovica donated 5 computers for 4 NGOs that operate in South and North Mitrovica.

14:10 15.07.2016 | CBM Team

Regional HUB meeting with focus group

Community Building Mitrovica and CiviKos Platform today organized the second meeting with focus group composed by civil society and local institutions representatives. In this meeting was discussed about the needs and current situation of civil society organizations in Mitrovica. Mrs.Mimoza Murati, representative of CiviKos delivered opening speech by presenting the Platform, and spoke about the purpose of regional offices. This activity started with three questions raised by the organizers’ side: What do NGO representatives think for the current situation of civil society in Mitrovica Region? What’s the level of civil society development? How much is civil society included in the decision-making process?

14:08 15.07.2016 | CBM Team

CBM donates 245 books

Five primary and two high schools from Mitrovica South received 35 book titles each, with a total number of 245 books given to these education institutions as donation from CommunityBuilding Mitrovica. Beneficiaries of this donation were primary schools: ‘’Shaban Idrizi’’, ‘’Harun Beka’’, ‘’Abdullah Shabani’’, ‘’Bedri Gjina’’, ‘’Bislim Imeri’’ - high school of economics ‘’Hasan Prishtina’’ and gymnasium ‘’Frang Bardhi’’.These books will be available for professors and pupils in order to fulfill their needs with literature, enhance their knowledge and enrich the book library fund of these temples of knowledge. Books cover different fields such as: natural and social sciences, culture, architecture, etc.

13:40 15.07.2016 | CBM Team

Call for Proposal - Terms of Reference for Documentary Film “CBM 15 Anniversary

Community Building Mitrovica (CBM) is a local non-governmental organization (NGO) operating in the field of peace and community building in the wider region of Mitrovica in Northern Kosovo.

13:32 15.07.2016 | CBM Team


Based on European standards and best practices, the German Organization CSSP Berlin Center for Integrative Mediation and Mediation Center Mitrovica, with the financial support from the Royal Norwegian Embassy and the Embassy of Switzerland in Kosovo, in close cooperation with Advocacy Center for Democratic Culture (ACDC) and Community Building Mitrovica (CBM), publishes the following:

13:22 15.07.2016 | CBM Team

Access Program students attended workshop on "Public speaking”

In Friday and during the weekend, 11 students of the English Access Microscolarship Program attended a three days workshop on "Public speaking” organized by Youth Council of the U.S.Embassy in Kosovo.

13:11 15.07.2016 | CBM Team

CBM welcomed students of the European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratization

Community Building Mitrovica hosted a meeting with 23 students of the European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratization and Vienna Master of Human Rights.

13:08 15.07.2016 | CBM Team

Community Building in Post-Conflict Mitrovica, Kosovo

‘’Community building is a part of the peacebuilding process; aims to restore the non-physical aspects of trust, hope, identities, and social ties. Community building intends to overcome the community contradictions that caused conflict through transform of a community by means of changing perceptions and behaviors of individuals, inter-group relations, and social structures. Many post-conflict regions are characterized by a divided community. A divided community can be the cause, effect or both of the previous conflict. Community building aims to eliminate the community division. ’’