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Human Rights Education School

HRE local school 7th, June 2013 Strpce – Kosovo. 18 youth from secondary schools of Mitrovica, Vushtrri/Vucitrn( 2) and Skenderaj/Serbica (1) and Klina e Begut from two communities; Albanian and Bosnian participated in the school. HRE School - included those topics: Youth and Activism; Nonviolence Communication; Discrimination ;Debate; Stereotypes: Prejudices - Conflict ; Mechanisms of Transitional Justice; International Humanitarian Rights;; Introduction human rights; Intercultural understanding; Negotiations and Forum theatre.

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Human Rights Education for Active Citizenship in the Western Balkans

Human Rights Education for Active Citizenship in the Western Balkans; HRE Regional School – Novisad/Serbija, April 2013. Topic of the school – “What is discrimination”. Project coordinator and five youth from Kosovo (2 Albanian + 2 Serbian and 1 Bosnian) participated in the school.

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Human Rights Education

Youth between the ages of 18-25 from the North and the South participate in a youth group with the goal of establishing good relations between these youth and to learn about human rights. CBM has helped to organize a Human Rights School wich consist of multiple-day trainings where youth gain knowledge about human rights.

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Build Bridges not Walls “The role of Universities on Peace - Building

In April 2013 CBM and University of Prishtina participated in the regional meeting of partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo which was held in Sarajevo. By the beginning of the year 2013 at the University of Prishtina, a course of human rights and intercultural understanding was established.

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Public Call for Applications for Students at Work

With this announcement University of Prishtina, “Hasan Prishtina”, Norwegian Helsinki Committee and Community Building Mitrovica (CBM) invites all interested individuals to apply for participation in one semester course on Human Rights and Intercultural Understanding.  The aim of this course is to enhance knowledge of the human rights activists and all individuals interested in the filed on human rights and intercultural understanding, and peace building including here the students who end the studies, individuals working in education, social, religious institutions, local authorities, NGOs, journalists and similar agencies.

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Call for Donation of Books

With this letter the Community Building Mitrovica (CBM) invites all interested local and international non-governmental organizations in Kosovo to donate the books in the field of education on human rights, intercultural understanding and peace building. The aim is to establish the Corner on intercultural understanding and human rights in the library of the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” that participates in the regional programme „Build Bridges not Walls: The Role of the Universities in Peacebuilding“. The project is initiated by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC) and financially supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.