13:29 15.07.2016 | CBM Team

Round Table for the publication of report within ‘’Our Matters’’

Community Building Mitrovica organized round table in the framework of the project ‘’Our Matters’’, a project that aims to increase public participation in decision making process through public debates and street actions.

13:26 15.07.2016 | CBM Team

INVITATION: “Our Matters” Conference

Community Building Mitrovica (CBM) is honored to invite you to take part in the Conference “Our Matters”, in which the report of ‘three debates cycles’ will be published from the period 2013 – 2015 carried out in south and north Mitrovica. This project is supported by PAX and implemented by CBM. The project aims to increase public participation in decision making process through public debates.

13:02 15.07.2016 | CBM Team

Week full of activities within ‘’Our Matters’’

In the framework of the project ‘’Our Matters’’ different activities and events are continuing with aim to increase public participation through public debates on topics related to daily life and to give citizens chance to openly voice their opinions regarding issues that affect them the most.

15:14 14.07.2016 | CBM Team

Within the project ‘’Our Matters’’ activities continue

In the framework of the project “Our Matters” implemented by Community Building Mitrovica, NGO “Center for Women Development” organized street action performance on the main square in North Mitrovica together with 20 young volunteers of NGO ‘’YEC Synergy’’.

14:46 14.07.2016 | CBM Team

Info-session for the continuation of the project ‘’Our matters’’

Community Building Mitrovica within the project ‘’Our Matters’’ organized info-session with representatives of local CSOs from Mitrovica, in which occasion the continuation of this project was announced.

13:58 13.07.2016 | CBM Team

Feature Story - Bridging the Divide

The project was developed from the need to overcome the institutional and physical ethnic division that have kept Mitrovica at an impasse over the past decade. BtD is a result of the unique cooperation between the South Mitrovica-based CSO Community Building Mitrovica (‘CBM’), the newly established interethnic, bilingual multi-medium ‘M-M@G’, and a North Mitrovica coalition of 7 CSOs gathered in the Centre for Resources, Youth and Media (‘CRYM’), in order to directly address problems and opportunities related to infrastructure, media, civil society development, youth care and the lack of institutional and civil inter-ethnic cooperation across the divide which is considered as main barriers for overcoming the existing ethnic tensions.Bridging the Divide brings together three different components: the Infrastructural Component; the Webzine M-M@G & Youth Portal (M-M@G); and Centre for Resources Youth and Media (CRYM).

13:55 13.07.2016 | CBM Team

Debate held in Gushavc proved to be successful

Debate held in August 24 in elementary school, "Harun Beka" in Gushavc proved to be quite successful. Citizens at the meeting expressed their gratitude for holding such a debate, because the needs are great, but addressing them is almost impossible. 13 years after the war the "deaf ear" of municipal officials has made this community in northern Mitrovica suffer for basic living needs.

13:01 13.07.2016 | CBM Team

Our Matters street action organized by NGO AKTIV

NGO AKTIV organized a street action on "Sumadija" square in north Mitrovica. 10 group of young, talented and creative high school boys and girls create a play on the street, showing bad examples of domestic violence. The performance was part of the debate promotion on the same topic that will take place on Wednesday, April 30th in AKTIV art center, at 14:00h.