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Dear supporters of the Mitrovica Rock School, Long-term CBM and MwB project the Mitrovica Rock School is  preparing for its biggest event to date: a Mega Summer School in Skopje for 76 young musicians from north and south Mitrovica, east and west Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina), both communities of Struga (Macedonia) and the Netherlands. The week and the closing concert on Saturday September 1 mark both the Mitrovica Rock School’s fifth anniversary and the launch of a new project, the Mostar Rock School.

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Mitrovica, Mostar and Struga Youth at Super Rock Camp in Skopje

After five years of successfully bringing communities together in Mitrovica, Kosovo, Musicians without Borders is expanding its “Rock School” program to other troubled areas in the Balkans. From August 26 to September 2, eighty young musicians from Mitrovica, Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Struga (Macedonia) and the Netherlands, will travel to Macedonian capital Skopje for a full week of band practice and performance. The participants are teenagers and young adults from both sides of flashpoint towns in former Yugoslavia. For the Mitrovica participants, this Summer School celebrates the fifth anniversary of their Mitrovica Rock School. For the Mostar participants, the week is the festive launch of the new Mostar Rock School.

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Invitation: Do You Read Me?

Qendra multimedia and Association Krokodil in cooperation with Community Building Mitrovica are happy to invite you to the festivale.

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Skopje Summer School 2010

Dutch Rock Academy to work with youth from Kosovo flashpoint city From August 22 to 29, 34 young Kosovo musicians will travel to Skopje, Macedonia, for a summer rock music school led by six Dutch rock music trainers from the Fontys Rock Academy. The young participants are from Mitrovica, Kosovo, a city where war and ethnic conflict have left a rigid divide between ethnic Serbs and Albanians.  On Friday August 27, all participants will perform at an open-air concert in Skopje’s popular City Park. During the week preceding the concert, the Mitrovica youth will form ethnically mixed bands, choose songs and band names and prepare a major show together.

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Mitrovica Rock School

After several years of hard work, CBM and its partners Musicians without Borders and Fontys Rock Academy in Tilburg are proud to present the Mitrovica Rock School! The school opened its doors on 7th October 2008, and teaches youths from north and south Mitrovica the art of rock music. Led by a talented team of enthusiastic instructors, these youngsters get a fresh taste of the old reputation of Mitrovica: breeding ground of talented musicians.

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CBM focus area: Culture

Before the war, Mitrovica enjoyed a reputation as a city of culture; music, theatre and art were part of the heart of the city. Various famous artists, singers and bands had Mitrovica as their breeding ground. CBM aims to contribute to rebuilding Mitrovica’s cultural life through various projects, activities and festivals. Particularly, music is a universal language which we hope will bring young people from all ethnicities together. After several years of hard work, we are proud to announce that the Mitrovica Rock School has finally opened its doors; talented young musicians and bands from north and south Mitrovica take their musical education to a higher level and play their music together from Mitrovica to Skopje (and beyond).

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Skopje Summer School 2008

As kick-off for the Mitrovica Rock School, 19 youths from Mitrovica spend ten rocking days in Skopje, Macedonia. The summer school was organised in partnership with Musicians Without Borders, and the Fontys Rock Academy Tilburg. It provided structured rock music education, band coaching, performance and instrument training to talented young rock musicians from Mitrovica.