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Tender is closed: Baseline Assessment Tender: Fostering inclusive development and good governance in northern Kosovo

The aim of the baseline assessment is to assess the current strengths, weaknesses, organizational and managerial capacities and resources of civil society in northern Kosovo, specifically related to monitoring the performance of local government, including policy and decision-making processes, implementation of legislation, and management of public resources.

The overall focus of the assessment should be on the ability of an empowered civil society to demand open, accountable, transparent, and responsive local government action in all spheres. At least 30 CSOs which are part of the Mitrovica Regional monitoring Team (MRMT) will be included in the research. The baseline assessment will be designed and conducted by the consultant(s).

The overall objective of the project “Fostering inclusive development and good governance in northern Kosovoof which this contract will be a part is as follows:

to foster inclusive development and good governance in northern Kosovo through planned and conflict-sensitive development of municipalities, with communities integrated at all stages of planning and implementation, and within a framework of effective inter-municipal cooperation and multi-level governance.

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