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Mitrovica Rock School

After several years of hard work, CBM and its partners Musicians without Borders and Fontys Rock Academy in Tilburg are proud to present the Mitrovica Rock School! The school opened its doors on 7th October 2008, and teaches youths from north and south Mitrovica the art of rock music. Led by a talented team of enthusiastic instructors, these youngsters get a fresh taste of the old reputation of Mitrovica: breeding ground of talented musicians.

The Rock School has its own weblog: http://skopjesummerschool.blogspot.com/ 

The philosophy of the Mitrovica Rock School is that the language of music is universal; through music, youths from all ethnic groups can together engage in something they love to do and have in common. This contributes to understanding and friendship for a future generation of Mitrovica musicians. 


The Mitrovica Rock School has two locations where classes are being held. Classes are Monday – Friday from 16.00 – 20.00. Each class lasts 1 hour. Bands can practice 2-3 hours per week. Times are variable and subject to change.

Currently, 32 students are enrolled in the location in the north, among which are a number of bands (for example: Silver Bullet, Cloud Nine, Chicken Farm, Dark Sky, Dodž, and Štrajk).

In the south branch, about 35 students are currenlty enrolled. This includes 5 bands that practise regularly.

Apart from band coaching and practice, several music classes are offered. These include string instruments (guitar and bass), drums, and keyboard. There are also options for vocal training in the south branch.


Mladen Marinković, Edon Ramadani, Goran Vučetić, Zana Abazi, Erhan Mujka, Gjemil Xhini, Misko Radović

Are you interested?

If you are interested in joining the Mitrovica Rock School, you can contact our CBM project coordinator 
Miloš Dražević via e-mail: drmilos81@yahoo.com or phone: 064 64 19 638, or the coordinator of the south branch, Edon Ramadani, at 049146322, or via e-mail at edonramadani@hotmail.com.