13:52 14.06.2010 | CBM Team | Project: Linking

Draftin the Plan of Action for integration of RAE Community in Roma Mahala – Mitrovica

CBM (Community Building Mitrovica) started implementing the project “Drafting the Plan of Action for Integration of RAE community in Mitrovica” in partnership with municipal authorities.  

During the year 2009, Kosovo Government has drafted the strategy for integration of RAE community, whereas the Kosovo municipalities are obliged to draft their own local action plans for implementation of the above mentioned strategy. Based on that, CBM supported by Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS) took over to assist the municipal authorities in Mitrovica on drafting the Plan of Action for Integration of RAE community in Roma Mahala in harmony with overall Strategy drafted and approved by Kosovo Government.  

The objective of this project is to draft a municipal plan for integration of RAE community in Mitrovica and to ensure equal RAE participation within society while enjoying good socio-economic and political relation with all other ethnic communities living in Mitrovica.     

The project aims to question the tolerance and empathy borders but also collective responsibility with the aim to channelize those into community integration processes. The project will bring the RAE community as catalyst of positive changes with regards to ethnic division and integration in Mitrovica.     

Finally, the project will contribute on participation of wider range of citizens on decision making whereby the citizens will directly involve in development of democratic society.