14:26 30.09.2010 | CBM Team | Project: Linking

CRYM Coalition

CRYM aims to empower and activate Mitrovica's largest demographic group: youth and young adults. 

The CRYM Coalition and Youth Centre:

1) bring together (North) Mitrovica’s most active youth and media organizations; and
2) jointly develop a broad program of activities for Mitrovica’s young people. This program will offer activities not yet available to Mitrovica youth.
The CRYM Building will house a youth centre (the ‘CRYM Club’), a media centre and radio station, the North branch of the Mitrovica Rock School, offices for all seven organizations, and the ‘CRYMcubator’, where young people can develop their own initiatives.
CRYM is part of Bridging the Divide, a major new project developed by, among others, Community Building Mitrovica, and supported by SPARK. The project covers an extensive set of infrastructural upgrades on both sides of the divided city, bi-lingual e-magazine M-M@G, and the CRYM Building and Coalition.

The CRYM coalition addresses two problems: 
1) the fragmentation of and competition among the CSO community, limiting the overall impact of CSOs and particularly youth organizations, and 
2) the lack of positive after-school activities and employment opportunities for Mitrovica’s young people, resulting in the social isolation and political radicalisation of the city’s largest demographic group.

The CRYM Coalition targets Mitrovica civil society organizations, the media and youth, through these groups, a wider scope of communities and stakeholder in the greater Mitrovica area.

The CRYM Coalition are: CCSD, JAZAS, AFPK, CBM, Contact Plus Radio, M-M@G and the Media Centre and the Mitrovica Rock School.