11:26 22.03.2010 | CBM Team | Project: Linking

Bridging the divide

In November 2009 CBM, in cooperation with 9 (nine) other local NGOs from North Mitrovica, has established and founded CRYM Coallition(Center for Resources, Youth & Media-CRYM), as part of large project proposal named "Bridging the divide"-Community stabilization and reintegration through targeted infrastructural interventions and sustainable development of institutional and civic interethnic cooperation in Mitrovica.

Having CBM as the leading organization,the overall project consists of three major components: Infrastructural projects, with unified municipal lists of proposed projects both in Mitrovica South and Mitrovica North; M-Magazine, a unique bilingual (Serbian and Albanian language) publication with the aim to inform citizens, promote dialogue, coexistence and diversity while stimulating inter-ethnic cooperation; www.m-magazine.org; and the above mentioned CRYM component, a Coallition of 9 (nine) local  non-Govermental Organizations and Media Organizations with the aim/goal to serve as a platform for citizen participation and a breeding ground for new, grass-roots initiatives developed primarily by Mitrovica’s young people.

The project is funded through Dutch Organisation SPARK by the Ministry of Foreign Affaits of Netherland-Development and Cooperation.

The duration of the project is September 2010 to August 2012.