• Ombudsperson visited Community Building Mitrovica



    30 September 2015 – Ombudsperson Mr.Hilmi Jashari visited today Community Building Mitrovica, and met with CBM representatives. In this occasion Mr.Jashari was informed more about the work of CBM and ongoing projects.

    Within the framework of this meeting, Ombudsperson emphasized that among his targets for this mandate is empowerment of civil society. During the visit it was also discussed for various forms of cooperation in the protection and promotion of human rights and different ways of mutual assistance and collaboration on issues that concern the citizens between the institution he leads and civil society.




Info-session for the continuation of the project ‘’Our matters’’


Community Building Mitrovica within the project ‘’Our Matters’’ organized info-session with representatives of local CSOs from Mitrovica, in which occasion the continuation of this project was announced.

‘’Our matters’’ began to be implemented two years ago and is supported by   Dutch organization IKV PAX Christi. The aim of the project is to increase public participation through public debates on topics related to daily life and to give citizens chance to openly voice their opinions regarding issues that most affect them, and purpose solutions to existing problems, thus creating a more enabling environment between citizens and the decision makers.

CBM together with local CSOs will have the opportunity to raise and advocate for issues related to rule of law towards local institutions, which is the theme of the project this year.








Open Call for Project Proposals - Mitrovica Region Based NGOs 2nd call

Community Building Mitrovica together with Center for Resources Youth and Media Coalition within the project “Civil Society is watching you: demand for accountability, transparency on local level” is opening a 2nd call for 2 (two) project proposals for Mitrovica Region based NGO’s. The project is funded and managed by the European Office Union in Kosovo and Co-funded by Austrian Development Agency, the Netherlands Embassy in Prishtina and MOTT Foundation.

Overall objective of the project is contribution towards increase of responsiveness, accountability and transparency of local institutions through active participation of civil society. Specific objective of the project is to establish a model for “watchdog” role of civil society in holding local institutions accountable and transparent.

Objectives of the Call

The overall objective of this open Call for Project Proposals is to improve citizens’ quality of life by tackling pressing issues, identified in collaboration of local governments (its institutions and organizations) and citizens and their organizations and associations. The immediate objective of the intervention is to enhance the “watchdog” role of civil society in holding local institutions accountable and transparent.

Expected results awarded projects should achieve are: 1) Monitoring methodology implemented, and 2) Local institutions assessed for transparency, accountability and openness.

Scope of intervention

Subject to monitoring may be management of public resources; conduct of public affairs by the authorities at local level; implementation of policies on human rights, marginalized groups, gender issues by local level institutions; citizens’ participation in decision making processes etc. As the added value, the proposed actions will have to show how existing citizen participation mechanisms guaranteed by the Kosovo legal framework may be used for monitoring accountability and transparency of the legislative, executive and administrative bodies of the municipalities and/or other local institutions.

This approach will enable that beside the results on monitoring specific institution/body in the reports from monitoring will be presented the problems CSOs face regarding the openness of the intuitions.

As the applicant of the project  “Civil Society is watching you: demand for accountability, transparency on local level”, CBM will award projects selected, evaluated and approved in a transparent and structured process, which are addressing one of the following key thematic areas :


·         Monitoring if the Meetings of Municipal Assembly and its committees are open for the public, for media representatives and interested parties;


·         Monitoring the practices of The Municipal Assembly or other municipal bodies’ to enable the public to discuss normative acts including regulations and decisions prior to their approval;


·         Monitoring the right on access to official documents;


·         Monitoring ways of communication and relations of Municipal Assembly members with media, CSOs and citizens, including modern technology, in trying to solve municipal problems together;


·         Monitoring municipal Financial Management (Preparation and adoption of municipal budget);


·         Monitoring management of municipal property;


·         Monitoring implementation of any legislation no meter of the sector in terms of transparency and accountability of the local institutions (human rights, gender, environment, etc.) For example monitoring the implementation of the Law on Promotion and Protection of Communities’ Rights in the local institutions etc.

Duration of projects

The implementation of the Monitoring of the local institutions projects will last for a minimum of 3(three) and a maximum of 5 (five) months.

Grant amounts

Eligible size of the grants will be from 4,000.00 to 5,000.00 EUR.  Community Building Mitrovica does not have an obligation to spend all funds available for this activity and will fund only quality projects that meet specific criteria, selected in a transparent and competitive process.

The call for project proposals is open for all NGOs and we encourage NGOs from Leposavic and Vushtrri/Vucitrn to apply.

NGOs can apply in three languages (Serbian, Albanian and English) and all necessary documentation can be found below.

For more information please contact CBM or CRYM on: CBM Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +381(0) 28 530 335 And CRYM: +381(0) 61 80 20 613


This project is funded by the European Union Office in Kosovo. 


Albanian Documents:

Terms of Reference

Application form

List of supporting documents

Partnership Agreement

Project Budget 

Work Plan

English Documents:

Terms of Reference

Application Form

List of Supporting Documents

Partnership Agreement

Project budget

Work Plan

Serbian Documents:

Terms of Reference

Application Form

List of Supporting Documents

Partnership Agreement

Project Budget

Work Plan